Updating Your Business’s Security System On A Budget

Once you’ve finished counting out all the drawers, emptying the safe, and locking up your business for the day, it should be safe to take your mind off of how your place of business is physically secured. Security breeches can originate outside or within, and it is usually the smallest holes that go unnoticed the longest.

You can purchase metal detectors to install in the front lobby and secure an armed security team to make the rounds after hours, but you can still expect your company to experience theft if you don’t take more business savvy action. Ensuring that your company doesn’t fall victim to theft does require some investment, but even business owners on a budget can eliminate burglary from their expense sheets.

Implementing the Best Security Options for Added Safety

There’s nothing like that ominous “eye in the sky,” otherwise known as a security camera, to help deter theft, misappropriation, and poor ethics in the workplace. Installing a security camera only in the areas frequented by lower ranking staff may compromise morality, but if you choose a more wide-sweeping approach, it is guaranteed that all of your employees will operate by the same standards. In the business world, IP camera installation has become more appealing because of its remote features.

Any authorized user can access both real-time and archived footage captured by an IP camera with a few swipes of the mouse. These IP cameras are routinely used both indoors and outside, providing footage and live video feeds, on demand.

Security Features Your Business Can’t Live Without

There are some businesses that rely on live footage to deter theft as it happens. However, other companies prefer to maintain footage for historical and fact checking purposes only. If a theft has occurred and an approximate timeline has been etched out, archived footage logged with an IP camera can be retrieved, reviewed and even enhanced, without the need for a full security detail. If a staff member’s credibility ever comes into question, you can discreetly go behind the scenes and put your suspicions to rest.

Not only can internal investigations be grueling, they can also take a toll on your most loyal team members. IP cameras can be installed in places and locations that easily allow your staff to work without feeling like they are constantly under watch.

How Business Security Pays Off

Although lots of kinds of businesses understand the fundamentals of investing in security cameras and monitoring, the don’t realize how much they can save because they have no idea how much they have already lost as a result of unnoticed theft. Focusing an eye on small tangible goods such as office supplies may help you to dissuade petty theft in the workplace, but identify fraud and the theft of trade secrets could put your entire business in jeopardy if proper security has not been established.

Rethink security at your business, starting with the most vital areas of your company, then add on new elements one by one until you’re fully secured. (For more information on IP cameras, contact OST Systems Inc)

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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