A Clean Sweep: 4 Indispensable Janitorial Products

Though the job of a janitor is often a thankless one, the services they provide are fundamental to the continued operation of any public space, be it a school, a commercial office building, or a community park. The best janitor is usually one who is knowledgeable about the various janitorial supplies available on the market, especially products that have been created to solve specific sanitary problems.

Check out the suggestions below for products that make professional cleaning easier and more efficient:

Graffiti and Paint Remover Towels

Using makeshift acidic mixtures and a regular cotton rag just won’t cut it when it comes to serious graffiti and paint removal. For large projects, ditch the homemade concoctions and get a container of graffiti and paint remover wipes. Most containers have at least 30 individual pre-moistened towels that can remove almost any type of paint, whether recently applied or several years old. Check to make sure that state and local law allow the purchase of towels, as many contain chemicals that can cause eye and skin irritation.

Wet/Dry Vacuums

No serious janitor can expect to rely solely on a traditional domestic vacuum cleaner. For heavy duty jobs, invest in a wet/dry industrial vacuum. There are numerous manufacturers and models available, but all will let you customize the most important features of the vacuum. Make a list of what peak horsepower your vacuum will require, how many gallons the tank should be, the quality of the vacuum brush, the hose diameter, as well as the preferred air flow and static pressure figures.

Extension Poles

A number of jobs a janitor is expected to perform are impossible without an extension pole. These jobs could be anything from changing a light bulb to washing a hard-to-reach window, but regardless, a durable extension pole will prove invaluable. Be sure to purchase a pole made of anodized aluminium that is also telescopic. A pole should be able to extend up to 18 feet and have solid locking collars for attaching to a squeegee or other tools. 

Floor Stripper

Occasionally, a janitor will be called on to strip a hardwood floor of old finish and other residue. This job requires a quality non-butyl floor stripper that should be diluted as per the container’s instructions. Be sure to purchase a floor stripper that leaves no alkaline residue, and if buying online, check to make sure that state and local law allow the shipping of corrosive material.

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Author: Kim Wilkerson

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