Tips To Help Safely Store Your Boat

Your boat was likely a major investment, and while it can bring you almost endless hours of fun on the water, boats can also encounter major issues if they are not properly maintained. In particular, it is vital for you to properly prepare the boat for winter storage. Unfortunately, this is a step that novice boat owners may not fully appreciate, and this can lead to a higher chance that your boat will need major repairs. Fortunately, you can follow a couple of simple boat storage tips to help ensure that these are problems that you avoid when you take your boat out of storage for the warm months. 

Deep Clean The Boat

Most people assume that winterizing a boat only means preparing the engine for the long winter months. Unfortunately, there is more to this essential task. In addition to ensuring the mechanical components are prepared, you should also make it a point to thoroughly deep clean the boat. 

Many new boat owners make the mistake of failing to thoroughly clean the interior of the boat before storing it. This may not seem like a major mistake to make, but if you accidentally leave food, trash or crumbs on the boat, you may find a nasty insect problem when you use the boat again. 

Use Rice To Control Moisture

Unwanted insects are not the only problem that your boat can encounter during its time in storage. Depending on the facility you use, moisture damage can be a major problem for the boat’s electronics. This damage occurs gradually as humidity forms condensation on these devices which will corrode the circuits. Fortunately, there is an extremely simple way of minimizing this risk.

Rice is excellent at absorbing moisture, and you can use this attribute to help prevent high humidity levels from damaging these devices. To take advantage of this feature, you should place a jar or glass filled with rice near any electronics. Ideally, you want the container to be filled to the top with rice to help ensure it absorbs as much moisture from the air as possible. 

Boating can be a rewarding and relaxing hobby to have, but if you do not properly care for your boat, you may find yourself forced to pay expensive repair bills. Luckily, following these tips when you are preparing your boat for the winter will help ensure that you dodge some routine problems that novice boaters run into. Store your boat in a trusted storage unit, such as Home Port Self Storage

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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