EDM Music Festivals – Staying Safe While Having Fun

If you enjoy the upbeat sounds of electronic dance music and you are looking for a fun event to attend, going to an EDM music festival may be right up your alley. These events are held nationwide, have a variety of the top electronic dance disc jockeys playing the newest hits, and usually span over a few days time. If you decide to look into visiting an EDM music festival, you will want to be well-prepared in order to keep yourself safe while enjoying yourself. Here are some tips you can use to make a music festival a positive, memorable event.

Buy Tickets In Advance

Having your tickets in hand will save you a lot of worry when you arrive at the musical festival. Often people will wait until the last minute to purchase tickets, creating long lines to wait in before being allowed inside. This can lead to frustration and unnecessary aggravation. Purchase your tickets online so you do not need to worry about an additional step in getting inside the gates.

Go With Someone

EDM music festivals will attract thousands of people. It is best to have a friend with you at all times so you will be able to keep safe from undesirable occurrences. Since the event is often spanning over several days, this will allow you to have someone to help keep you awake and let you know when to head back to a hotel to avoid exhaustion. You will still be able to meet new people, and will have the added benefit of sharing the event with someone you trust and enjoy being with.

Join The Excitement

One of the fun parts of an electronic music event is the different styles you will encounter. People from all over will attend and with it you will see some bright and flamboyant outfits and hair styles. Since the event will be experienced during some nighttime hours, bring along some glow sticks and wear clothing that will shimmer and shine! There is often a light show provided by the event coordinators to help boost the exhilarating energy while the music is heard. Be prepared to dance!

While experiencing the sounds and sights, keep your wits about you. Always keep in the back of your mind that someone may bump into you with theft as their intention. Keep any money or identification zipped in a pocket where it cannot be stolen easily. Wearing a pair of socks or sneakers with a small zipper compartment is a great idea to hide valuables. To help keep safe, monitor any alcohol intake. Since you will be moving around and dancing, drink a lot of water, rather than alcohol, to keep hydrated.

Have A Plan

When you go into the event, make it a point to discuss a meeting place with your friend. This will be used in case you happen to become separated at any time. Tell your friend that if you notice they are not around, you will go to the meeting place to wait for them and that they should do the same. Having a predesignated spot will help take any guesswork out of finding each other in an area packed with guests.

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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