3 Tips For Your Business’s Vinyl Banners

If your business is in a rut and you are trying to come up with some ideas to spruce up your marketing, one option you may want to consider is an attractive vinyl banner. These banners are easy to install on the windows on your storefront, or they can easily be installed throughout the city if you are looking for new places to advertise but can’t afford a full billboard campaign. If you are going to go this route, however, you will want to take some time to ensure that the vinyl banners you install stand out from any other signage in the area and get people’s attention. Here are 3 tips on how you can accomplish this goal.

Keep It Simple

Many vinyl banners come in a decent size, and the general idea that some business owners get is that bigger is better. While a larger sign can be helpful, you also want to make sure that you are not using all of the space on the banner just because it’s there. Vinyl banners are designed to be viewed from a long distance. You want passing cars or pedestrians to be able to quickly get a message from the banner. Avoid filling your space with lots of text. Making passersby read a novel with multiple lines across the entire banner probably will not be that effective at getting them to remember you.

Include a Call to Action

If you are advertising a special offer, make sure you let the people who see your banner know what they have to do to take advantage. Telling them to “call today” or “come in” to take advantage of the special offer is much more effective than just listing the offer and hoping they are interested.

Don’t Forget Your Logo

A mistake some new business owners make with vinyl banners or other advertising is that they don’t feature their company’s logo prominently enough or sometimes doesn’t feature it at all. Don’t just put the name of your company—make sure the logo is there as well. If your logo is colorful, have the banner match the colors in the logo. Even if the banner doesn’t bring in a ton of sales, the more people that see the logo, the better your branding in the area will become. So keep in mind that a vinyl banner is not just a sales opportunity, it’s a branding opportunity as well. Design accordingly.

Vinyl banners can be a cost-effective way to get the word out about your business or special offer. Just make sure you are taking steps to ensure that the banner is effective at its job. Don’t write a novel—keep the message simple and easy to remember. Include a call to action to give a sense of urgency about your current offer. And don’t forget that vinyl banners are a great opportunity for increasing your presence and branding in the area, in addition to helping you increase your sales.

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Author: Kim Wilkerson

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