Four Reasons Your Wood Crafting Business Needs Personalized Corrugated Boxes

When you own a wood crafting business, you may start out with a local business front that deals only with walk-in customers. As you expand, you may find that selling your items and shipping them to customers turns a better profit. One of your shipping options is to use crate style shipments, but these may leave you with uneven packing or issues during shipment. Instead, consider these four reasons that you should use personalized corrugated boxes for your wood crafting shipments.

Designed to Fit

One of the benefits of using a corrugated supplier that offers personalized design is the ability to design the shipping boxes, crates, and related pieces to fit your various wood craft designs. For example, if you are shipping a vintage style roll-top desk, you can have the packing materials, box, and corrugated inserts cut and fabricated to fit each piece of the desk.

Ready to Ship

If you have certain items that you make on a regular basis, consider a ready to ship option. With personalized corrugated boxes you can have the corrugated company design shipping options that are specifically made for your regular pieces and wood working items. This means when you finish with a table, chair, desk, or other piece, you can pack them and store them in a warehouse as a ready to ship option for online orders.

Better Shipping Protection

When you ship an item in a standard crate or shipping box, you run the risk of the packing material and box becoming damaged during shipment. This is especially true if you have to use a box that is too large, or even too small, for the item you are shipping. If the fit is too tight and the box becomes damaged, the furniture piece or wood worked piece may become damaged as well. If the box is too big, and the packing material isn’t spot on, then you could run the risk of damage from too much movement. With a personalized corrugated shipping box and packing material, you can ensure stability of the wood working pieces you ship and better protection during shipment.

Professional Marketing

One reason that using a company specializing in personalized corrugated boxes is ideal is because you can use it as a marketing technique. If your boxes are unique or if you can have unique labels created for the boxes, then you can add a special touch to your shipments. Your shipments will stand out from the rest as they move through the shipping process. This keeps the look and the name of your business in mind. You can also advertise your contact information.

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Author: Kim Wilkerson

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