3 Tips For Negotiating A Job Relocation Package

Moving for your work is something you may not be completely interested in, but it may not be an option. If you are asked to relocate and are feeling hesitant about it, you might be able to convince yourself that this is a good idea if you can negotiate a good job relocation package. Here are three things you can negotiate, and each is designed to help you avoid spending your own money on this move.

Pay increase for difference in cost of living

When you find out the location your boss is asking you to move to, look into the cost of living. If the cost of living is higher there, ask for a raise to compensate for this. If you start by asking for a raise that is higher than you expect to receive, you will have more room to negotiate.

It may be important to present your research to your boss when asking for this type of raise. To illustrate the differences, compare the costs of the following things:

  • Gas
  • Rent
  • Groceries
  • Parking

If you can prove that it will cost more in the new location, your boss might willingly agree to your request.

Costs of lease or sale of home

If you own your home, you could ask for compensation for the expenses of the house until it sells. This could include help with the mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and utilities. If you rent, you could ask for reimbursements for the fees incurred for breaking your lease.

You could also ask for compensation for any other expenses related to your home, such as mowing costs and fees for a home security system.

Moving expenses

Finally, you should never agree to a relocation package if it does not cover all the costs of your move. This includes the costs for packing, shipping, and storing your belongings. While a moving company might handle all these tasks, you should find out if there are any services that are not included with the basic moving costs.

You might find that the moving company will not move your boat, four-wheelers, and riding lawn mower. If this is the case, ask for compensation for all of these extras.

The goal of your job relocation package is to help you avoid having to spend any money out of your pocket. If you would like to learn more about relocation services, contact Midwest Moving & Storage Inc. or a similar company.

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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