Common Questions about Fire Suppression Sprinklers Answered

Automatic sprinklers can be one of the most effective upgrades for reducing the threat of a fire destroying your home. However, there are many homeowners that lack a thorough understanding of these fire suppression systems. Without the right knowledge, you may find it difficult to understand how these systems work or what type of maintenance is required to keep these units operational. After learning the answers to the following couple of questions, you should find yourself more informed about this critical safety system. 

Will All of the Fire Sprinklers Activate at the Same Time?

There is a common concern from some homeowners that all of the fire sprinklers will activate at the same time. Due to this belief, some people may assume that these systems will cause substantial damage to the home in response to a minor fire. As a result, they may forgo the safety benefits of these systems. 

Luckily, this is not the case, and these systems are designed so that only the sprinklers in the vicinity of the fire will be activated. This will help ensure that the fire will be contained without exposing your home to any more damage than is absolutely necessary. 

How Are These Sprinkler Systems Maintained?

Unfortunately, there are many homeowners that fail to understand or appreciate the importance of regular maintenance. While it is true that fire sprinklers do not require much maintenance, there are some things that need to be done on a monthly basis. Failure to perform this routine maintenance can result in the sprinklers failing to save your home from a fire.  

However, it should be noted that the type of maintenance needed will depend on whether or not you have water or foamed based sprinklers. If your home is equipped with water based sprinklers, you will need to test the control valves and dust the sprinkler heads. For homes with foam systems, it is important to check the air pressure of the storage tanks because this air will be essential for distributing the foam when a fire is detected. 

Fire sprinklers can be among the most common ways of preventing fire from ravaging a home. While these sprinklers are common, there are many homeowners that may not be informed about this type of safety system. By understanding how these systems work when activated and the maintenance that is needed to keep them functional, you can make sure that you are an informed homeowner when it comes to fire safety. For assistance, talk to a professional like Tri County Fire Protection.

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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