Hidden Gun Safes: The Covert Way To Keep Your Firearms Protected

Responsible gun owners know that their firearms should be kept securely locked when not in use. Aside from the dangers associated with guns getting into the hands of children, it’s also prudent to keep your guns out of the hands of criminals who may attempt to steal them. Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes, but the popularity of more hidden, covert style safes has really taken off. Learn more about the many options available for you to keep your firearm hidden and out of sight as well as secured.

Wall Mirrors and Paintings

Some gun safes mimic the look of a simple wall mirror or even an artistic painting. This type of hidden safe can be installed recessed into the wall or directly onto the wall. If it is placed right on the wall, it may protrude a bit, but it should still appear as a simple household object. A keyhole is usually hidden on the side of the mirror or painting so you can quickly open it if you need to.


There are several furniture-style options for covert gun safes. A wall shelf with a fold-down enclosure is a stylish yet easy way to hide, lock up, and obtain your firearm. There is a hidden opening under the shelf that looks decorative, but it actually has room for a few small hand guns or a rifle. Be sure to get the measurements of the wall shelf safe before you buy, since some may not be long enough to house a rifle. There are also bookshelf or standing furniture-type hidden gun safes that have compartments added where you can lock up your guns.


New developments in small drawer safes allow you to easily install them under a desk or in a drawer. Many of these models have keypad access that opens the safe at the touch of a few buttons. This is a good option for people who usually only keep a hand gun for home protection. You can install one or several of these types of safes in your home office or at your place of business. Since they are not in plain sight, it’s a good way to keep your gun well hidden.

Every Day Objects

Some manufacturers make safes out of all kinds of regular, every day objects. Some examples include globes, books, and even flower pots. If you choose this option, just be sure that the safe is of high quality and placed somewhere that is out of the reach of children.  Contact a professional distributor, like State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc, to find the best safe for you. With so many options available today, you can keep your firearms out of reach and out of view from anyone, giving you peace of mind.

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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