Enhance Your Advertisement And Protect Your Investment – Expanding The Life Of Your Neon Sign

Perhaps one of the most enduring symbols of Americana is a bright neon sign flashing the location of a business that provides a valuable service. Those signs can become a part of your company’s identity and can immediately signal your presence to both loyal as well as new customers, so it’s important that you take steps to lengthen their lifespan.

Below, you’ll find a guide to some tips for expanding the life of your neon sign. Following these suggestions can keep your sign shining brightly for many years to come, allowing you to expand the reach of your business and continue to develop an iconic image that you can truly be proud of. 

Regular Cleaning

If your sign hangs in the window of your establishment, it’s important that it makes it on the list of items that you regularly dust in order to avoid the scratches and damage that come with particle buildup. However, for environments such as restaurants and bars, residue from grease or nicotine can pose a serious challenge.

Once you’ve disconnected the power, you can safely remove the neon tubes from the frame and scrub them gently in warm, soapy water to remove that buildup. Be aware that neon tubes are extremely delicate, so you should scrub with extreme caution in order to avoid a frustrating fracture.

Blackout Paint Patching

The back side of your neon sign is likely to be covered in a layer of blackout paint that’s designed to spare the patrons inside your establishment from being constantly subjected to the sign’s bright glow. If this paint begins to flake off, your sign can appear less bright from the outside, as its light will be dispersed in different directions.

Thankfully, blackout paint can be relatively easily found and applied in an aerosol container. Take your sign down off the wall and treat it as you would any other spray painting project, taking care to make sure you don’t accidentally blackout any part of the sign which faces outward.

Tube Replacement

If damage occurs to your sign, it’s important that you realize it can be somewhat easily repaired. Most neon signs are built in sections in order to isolate problems, allowing you the opportunity to replace the glass tubes if one is scratched or fractured. While you can always send your sign to a reputable sign repair company (click for more info), ordering a tube to replace the damaged component and installing it yourself is a task that’s well within the ability of most sign owners.

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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