4 Interesting Uses For A Storage Space

Most people rent a storage space to hold seasonal items or keep random items temporarily. But these small spaces aren’t just for storage. The possibilities for 10×10 spaces (and larger!) are endless, and customizable to your tastes. Consider these 4 interesting uses for a storage space the next time you feel cramped in your home. 

Band Practice Space

If your son or daughter uses your garage as place to practice with their band, you can rent them a storage space to practice in instead. Many storage facilities offer climate-controlled rooms for rent. These rooms are perfect for holding sensitive instruments. Not to mention, the comfortable space keeps bandmates safe while they practice into the night. Another benefit? Storage spaces are often in remote or industrial areas, removing any worry about disturbing the neighbors. You’ll recover your garage storage and restore peace to your neighborhood when you rent a storage unit for band practice. 

Personal Gym

Maybe you enjoy working out on your own equipment, but don’t have space to hold it all in your apartment or small home. Protect your expensive treadmill and weight machines from the elements, and avoid keeping the home gym outdoors. Instead, opt for a storage unit. You can set up your equipment just the way you like, and go exercise in peace. Take it to the next level, and run to the storage facility to get some cardio in before a weightlifting session. 

Wine Collection Storage

If wine is more your thing, you may have a burgeoning wine collection in your home. The basement is already finished with bedrooms and a living space, so you can’t store your precious wine down there. Why not outfit a storage unit with portable wine racks? You can keep your expensive collection safe from running children and thrown objects. Plus, storage units have convenient access hours for your convenience. So you can pick up a few bottles before a girl’s night or a festive holiday with no problem.

Art Studio

Only artists understand just how much space is required to hold all your materials. Brushes, paints, watercolors, canvases, cleaning materials, finished products, and work space must be accounted for. You’ll need even more space if you create large installation pieces or grand triptych paintings for shows. Give your roommates a break, and move all your art items out of the living room. Invest in a storage space, and turn it into your personal art studio. 

No matter what your tastes are, you can use a storage unit to provide extra space and solitude to perfect your craft. Rent a storage unit at SaveMor Self Storage LTD and fill it with life! 

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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