Buying Used Woodworking Machinery: What To Look For Before You Buy

For woodworkers, locating quality used woodworking equipment can be a great way to save some money on production costs. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine if that equipment is in good condition with only a quick inspection. You need to really do some quality research and a thorough inspection before you place a large investment into a piece of used woodworking equipment, as a used piece of equipment can still be quite costly. The following factors can help you decide whether or not a piece of woodworking machinery is worth the time and risk:

How It Was Used

First of all, find out how the machinery was used in the past. Ask for a record of how many people owned the machinery and what types of materials were made using it. This can greatly determine its overall performance and reliability. You should be able to discern this information from the serial number located on the equipment. If the serial number has been removed, you may want to consider passing, as that could indicate problematic issues as you use the equipment, leaving you with little recourse for restitution.

Obtain Maintenance Records

A reputable woodworker with equipment for sale will have copies of their maintenance records for you to view. If you aren’t able to inspect the records, move on immediately. If you are able to review the records and a scheduled maintenance was skipped, you may also want to either pass on it or ask for a significant discount on the price. Poorly maintained woodworking equipment can very quickly become worn out, causing significant delays in production. Dust buildup, rusty housings, and dull cutting mechanisms can cause the equipment to wear out much earlier than it should.

Check to See if It Has Been Refurbished

Refurbished woodworking machinery can be a great investment. Unlike “used” equipment, refurbished equipment has been restored by replacing worn parts, cleaning both the exterior and interior of the machine, and touching up the exterior to make it look brand new. Equipment that has been refurbished often works as if it were a few years younger than it actually is. It often has a longer lifespan than equipment of the same age.

Used woodworking machinery can be a great investment, but it is important to know what to look for. If you are planning to purchase used machinery, be sure to buy from a reputable provider who has possession of all information pertaining to that equipment.

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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