Three Reasons Why Choosing Cremation Might Be Right For You

Although thinking about your funeral arrangements can be sobering, going through the process of solidifying your arrangements helps to ensure that you’ll be remembered in the manner that suits you and that your family won’t face the burden of making these decisions while grieving. One of the major decisions you’ll need to make is decide between burial and cremation. The latter is becoming a more popular option in the U.S., nearly doubling over the last decade and a half. If you’re on the fence about cremation, here are three reasons why this option has become an attractive choice for many people.


One of the major benefits of choosing to be cremated is that you’ll spend less money, thus being able to leave more of your savings to your family or any other benefactors of your will. Cremation is significantly less expensive than being buried; you can expect to spend about the third of the price of a burial — which, on average, is close to $8,000 — by opting to be cremated. This method is most cost-effective because it doesn’t include embalming and doesn’t have to include a casket, which are two post-death elements that can carry a significant price tag.

Ash Scattering

Many people look favorably upon cremation because it gives them the choice of having their ashes scattered in a place that carries special significance, rather than be buried in a cemetery. You can request that your immediate family members, or even a larger group, gather to scatter your ashes at a location such as a park, a special hiking trail or many other spots in nature that you held sacred. You also have the choice of having your ashes placed in a decorative urn and being kept in the home of a family member, such as your surviving spouse or a child.

Service Flexibility

When someone opts for a traditional burial, there’s often pressure to arrange the funeral as quickly as possible, especially if the body is to be displayed. This occasionally rushed process can be stressful to the family, but when someone wishes to be cremated, there isn’t the same time pressure. Often, those who are cremated request a memorial service held at a later date, rather than a traditional funeral and burial. The memorial service can then be scheduled at a time that suits all the family members, especially those who have to make significant travel arrangements in order to attend.

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Author: Kim Wilkerson

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