Procrastinator With Printing Problems? A Few Tips To Get Your Printer Working Fast

You’ve researched, you’ve written, you’ve spell checked twice, and now it’s time to print. Whew. All done, just before the deadline. Printing problems are any procrastinator’s nightmare.  However there are a few fast and easy things you can try out before you need to call the printer repairman. 


  • It may seem obvious, but often times the problem can be fixed by turning the printer off and turning it back on again. If there is a connection issue, this gives the printer a chance to reboot. 
  • A lot of people don’t do this: if there is a problem with the print quality, always try a new cartridge. If you do discover that it’s the cartridge make sure you call the toner company so that you can get your money refunded. Always make sure you have an extra cartridge on hand. 
  • If you try a new cartridge and the print quality is still poor, you are probably going to need a new fuser. A fuser is a roller that, after the cartridge places the ink on the paper, fuses the ink to the paper. A fuser is a major part of the printer. It will usually require a professional to fix. 

Paper jams 

  • If there’s a paper jam and you are able to see the paper, try to get all the paper out at once as a whole piece. If you don’t, you could end up leaving a portion of the paper inside which will cause more damaging jams.
  • If there are reoccurring paper jams, you may want to check the pick up rollers. Pick up rollers are the rollers that push the paper through the machine. If the pick up rollers are worn out, there could be a timing issue that causes jams. To check the pick up rollers, open the paper tray and reach in to feel for a roller at the top. Just like you would a tire, check and see if there is still tread on the roller. If it feels too smooth, you probably have a worn out pick up roller. You can check and see if there are any extra rollers on hand, but chances are you will need to call a professional to come and replace it. 

Connection Problems

  • If the printer is unresponsive or just won’t print, you may want to download a different driver online. The driver is software that connects your computer to the printer. For example, if you have an HP printer, you can go to the HP website and download a driver. If you don’t know which driver to download you could call the printer company, IT, or talk to a printer repairman over the phone. Chances are the repairman will tell you for free.  

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Author: Kim Wilkerson

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