3 Tips For Safely Using Propane

Whether you use propane in your home or business, it is important that you exercise caution while handling it. Propane is highly flammable and without proper care could result in injury and property damage. Here are some safety tips to remember when using propane. 

Secure the Propane Tanks While Transporting

If you are using portable propane tanks, it is important that you properly secure the tanks before transporting them. The tanks should never be left alone in your vehicle. Always keep the tanks in a standing position. 

You can use a rope to further secure the tanks while traveling. Never use a metal chain because the constant rubbing against the tanks while moving could result in a spark. If your tank has an undetected leak, a spark could be dangerous. 

As an added precaution, keep the windows down while driving with the tanks in the vehicle. You can also cover the tanks’ valves with dust caps to protect them. 

Choose a Good Storage Location

The propane tanks should always be stored outside. If you store them inside and one of the tanks is leaking, the gas can build up in the room and create a hazardous situation. 

The location in your yard in which you plan to store the tanks needs to be in a shaded area that is not anywhere near heat sources. You also need to ensure that the tanks will not be exposed to direct sunlight. Remember to keep the tanks in standing while being stored. 

Check for Leaks

Before using a tank, you need to check it for leaks. To check for leaks, use soapy water. Wipe the rubber tubing on the tank with a washcloth soaked in the soapy water. Turn on the tank at the lowest setting and closely examine the tubing. If you notice any bubbles, there is a leak. 

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to replace the tubing. Never patch the tubing because you could inadvertently weaken it and cause a potentially hazardous situation in the future. 

If you smell gas at any time while using the tanks, you need to immediately extinguish any open flames in the area. Turn off the valve on the tank if you are able to safely do so.

By knowing how to properly store and check your tanks, you can avoid any problems. For more information, contact Fieldings Oil & Propane Co Inc. or a similar company.

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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