How Can Mini Storage Help With Your Remodeling?

You may not realize it, but a mini storage unit can play a big and important role during your upcoming home remodel. By giving you a place to store your items during construction, your mini storage can give you the flexibility you need to make dramatic and impressive changes during your upcoming remodel. Knowing the ways that a remodel can be helpful and how to pick the right storage unit for your needs can help ensure that your remodel goes smoothly.

Reasons to Get a Mini Storage

There are many reasons that you should consider getting a mini storage when you begin your remodel.

  • Safe storage for valuables and sensitive equipment. Remodelng-related construction can produce vibrations and kick up dust that can be damaging to electronic equipment and breakable items. Your storage unit will give you a safe, out of the way place to store these objects.
  • Clear out the room for major changes. If you’re planning to redo your floors or make other major changes, your construction crew may tell you that you’ll have to remove all furniture from the room. Your mini storage unit will give you a place where all the furniture and personal items in the affected room can be stored.
  • Make it easy to redecorate after. Having all your stuff in storage when the remodel is complete will make it easy for you to choose new furniture that matches the new interior of your room. Once you’ve bought some new furniture items, then you can pick and choose which items to keep from your storage unit.

Picking the Right Mini Storage For Your Needs

When picking a mini storage for your needs, you’ll need to consider several factors including the quantity of items that must be stored and whether or not the items need a climate-controlled space.

Before you can pick the size of the storage space that you require, make an inventory of all items that need to be stored, When this is done, take your list with you to the storage unit. Your customer service representative at the storage facility will be able to tell you what unit size will be appropriate based on the number and type of items that you’ll be storing.

To save you money, your customer service representative may offer you an interior or upstairs storage unit. These units are generally less expensive because they’re more difficult to reach when moving in and moving out. Saving money in this way makes sense if you’re planning to stay in your unit for many years, but if you’re only planning to keep your storage unit for as long as your remodel is taking place, you may find this money saving measure is not worth the hassle. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not you want a difficult to reach unit or a pricier, easier to reach unit.

Interior temperature is one more factor you’ll need to consider when purchasing a unit. If you’re storing items, like wax candles, that must be kept at a certain temperature, a climate controlled storage unit is best for you.

For more suggestions and information about picking a good storage unit for your needs, contact a storage unit company, like I-70 Self Storage, in your area. Your customer service representative at the storage unit can help you make tough decisions about what kind of storage unit to reserve.

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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