4 Ways To Maximize Your Business’s Envelope Marketing Potential

Literally every single piece of paper that you send out from your business has some degree of marketing potential, even the envelopes that you use. Here are four ways that you can increase the marketing potential of your business’s envelopes.

#1 Go Minimal

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you don’t want to overdo it with your envelopes. You need your envelope to convey the necessary information, such as your mailing address and the return address. You do not want to put so much information your envelopes that the pertinent information that the post office needs to see is lost. Finally, you want don’t want to lose the message that you are trying to convey with too much information.

#2 Use Your Logo & Custom Fonts In The Upper Lefthand Corner

When you write your return address on your envelope, do not just write it by hand. Instead, have your business logo printed on the upper lefthand corner where your return address goes. For your address, use the custom fonts that you have chosen to use in your business correspondence. This adds another level of professionalism to your business correspondence. Your return address is an opportunity for you to convey your business’s image and tone through material that you have already developed.

#3 Use The Backside & Flap To Convey Your Message

Finally, don’t waste the space on the back side of your envelope. The back side of your envelope is a great place for you add an extra message to your envelope. There is a variety of different information that you can add to the back of your envelope. You can put your business’s slogan or mission statement on the back of the envelope for general business correspondence. If you are sending important business information that requires the recipient to take action, include the action steps on the outside of the envelope. If you are trying to obtain new customers, include information about any current promotions that you are offering on the back of your envelope.

Customize the message on the back of the envelope for the person or business that you are sending the correspondence to.

Don’t miss out on the marketing potential held by each and every envelope your business sends out of your office. Each envelope has the potential to convey your company’s message and intentions; make sure that your envelopes make a statement when you send them in the mail.

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Author: Kim Wilkerson

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