Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Your Pond Liner

Water features can make your backyard a more serene and beautiful place to spend time. The addition of a pond is something that many homeowners desire, and investing in a pre-formed pond liner can be a simple way to achieve your dream of having a pond in your own outdoor living space.

Installing a pond liner may seem straightforward, but there are some simple mistakes that homeowners make during the installation process that could compromise the quality of their pond in the future. Here are three mistakes to be mindful of as you install your own pre-formed pond liner.

1. Select a liner made from the right material.

There are many different types of pre-formed pond liners available on the market, and knowing which material will be most durable can help you avoid investing in the wrong liner for your outdoor living space.

If your pond liner will receive a lot of direct sunlight, it’s best to go with a liner made from UV-treated fiberglass. Unlike plastic liners that will crack when exposed to direct sunlight, a UV-treated fiberglass liner will retain its integrity in the face of extreme sun exposure.

2. Securely anchor the liner.

While pre-formed liners are designed to allow you to simply dig a hole, drop the liner into the hole, and then add dirt to fill in the open spaces around the liner, it’s important that you properly anchor your liner to ensure that it stays in place over time.

Investing in a liner that has enough of a lip around the top to create a dirt shelf for the liner to sit on can be beneficial when it comes to proper anchoring.

3. Ensure that the liner is level.

When installing a pre-formed pond liner, it’s important to recognize that the liner will be rigid and cannot conform to the shape of the dirt floor inside the hole you have dug for your pond. To ensure that the finished pond looks as nice as possible, you should take the time to ensure that the bottom of your hole is level before installing your pond liner.

Checking to ensure the liner remains level as you backfill the hole with dirt and fill the liner with water can help eliminate unsightly discrepancies in water levels in the future.

Being able to recognize some of the mistakes that homeowners make when installing pre-formed pond liners will help ensure that you are able to avoid these mistakes when creating your own backyard oasis. Look at the products of companies like Billboard Tarps to help yourself decide what kind of liner you may want. 

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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