Enticing Customers To Come To Your Coin Operated Laundry Business

If you just rented space to start your own coin operated laundry business, you are most likely excited about the prospect in providing a necessary service to those in your community while bringing home some cash in the process. Here are some tips you can use within your new business to help draw in customers during the beginning days of your new money-making venture.

Advertise The Opening Well In Advance

Make sure to place an advertisement in a local newspaper indicating the building you had rented will be used for laundry purposes. Place signs on the front of the establishment alerting those passing by that they will soon be able to use the building to wash clothing or have items dry cleaned if desired. It is a good idea to place flyers about your business on bulletin boards in supermarkets, the post office, the library, and other areas where free advertising is usually allowed.

Install The Right Equipment For The Job

Having a diverse amount of laundry equipment is likely to entice others to come to your establishment to wash or dry their own clothing. Make sure you purchase washing machines to hold different sized loads rather than providing just one make and model. This will expand your customer base as some people will only be washing for themselves while others will be in need of machines to handle the washing of clothing for a whole family. Provide several driers as well as a coin-operated laundry detergent dispenser. If you provide your customers with machinery to handle all of their needs, it is likely word of mouth will help increase your customer base.

Consider Discounted Prices During The Opening

Coin-operated machinery allows you to change the price needed to start equipment. Consider offering discounts to customers during the first few weeks after you open your doors. This will get people into your doors and likely to return even when prices are increased to their full amount. Make sure to advertise the discounted pricing so customers are not taken off-guard when prices become higher. A great idea in increasing repeat business is to offer discount cards for loyalty. These cards can be brought to your establishment and a hole puncher can be used to indicate how many washes or dries a customer uses during each of their trips. After a designated number of punches on a card, the customer can get a free wash or dry.

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Author: Kim Wilkerson

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