Don’t Suck at Driving a Moving Truck

Statistics show that the average American will move at least once every five years. Completing a move can be stressful, but having access to a large truck makes it possible to reduce this stress by moving all of your belongings in a single trip. Renting a moving truck is something that everyone should budget for when relocating to a new home.

Driving a moving truck can be a challenge, but here are three tips you can use to help ensure you don’t suck at driving a moving truck.

1. Study your route ahead of time, and use a GPS to help you navigate.

The last thing you want to do is get lost while driving a large moving truck. When you are lost, you can divert attention away from your driving in an attempt to locate your turn or street. This diversion of attention could lead to a serious accident, so studying your route before you get behind the wheel of a large moving truck is recommended.

You should also consider investing in a GPS unit to provide you with turn-by-turn directions. A GPS will allow you to get to your new location without your having to divert any attention away from the safe operation of your moving truck.

2. Get familiar with the controls.

As you climb into the cab of a large moving truck, you will likely notice that the controls look a lot different than they do in your passenger vehicle. Being able to safely operate the moving truck requires that you know how to use these controls.

Before you embark on your moving trip, take the time to learn where the truck’s blinkers, emergency lights, and windshield wipers are located. These controls will be used to help you safely navigate the roadway, so being able to use them with ease will help make you a better moving-truck driver.

3. Drive more cautiously than you normally would.

It can be easy for a driver to speed a little or follow the car in front of them a little too closely when they are in the comfort of their own vehicle. Because a large moving truck will handle differently than the vehicle you are used to driving, it’s important that you refrain from falling into these comfortable driving habits.

Driving cautiously will help ensure that you have enough time to react to changes in traffic patterns and road conditions without causing an accident while you are behind the wheel of your moving truck.

Make sure that you study your route, get familiar with the controls, and drive cautiously if you don’t want to suck at driving a moving truck in the future. Visit sites such as to find a company that rents moving trucks in your area. 

Author: Kim Wilkerson

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